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CYKA Runway Work Restrictions

Operations Memo

To: YKA Tenants, YKA Stakeholders, YKA Security

From: Ethan Caljouw

Date: May 3, 2023

Subject: Overnight Runway Work & Apron Restrictions

Please be advised that as there will be Runway restrictions in place from 1200hrs to 1400hrs Local on Thursday, May 4th due to construction within the protected area of 09/27.

During these times, Runway 09/27 will only be available for scheduled commercial flights or medevacs with 15 minutes prior notice. Exceptions may apply with prior approval from the Airport Operator.

In addition, at these times Taxiways Charlie and Delta will also be closed.

This works are efforts towards the final steps of our Runway Lighting Rehabilitation Project.

Your continued understanding is greatly appreciated through the closing steps of this project.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly.

Thank you,

Ethan Caljouw

Airport Operations Coordinator

Kamloops Airport Ltd.

OFFICE: 250.376.3613

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