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Formally Called COPA For Kids


Have you always wondered what it’s like to fly? The COPA Discover Aviation Program has been developed to welcome our friends, community-members and future pilots into the world of aviation by providing a free discovery flight in a small airplane and in encouraging interest to join Canada’s growing flying community.

Aviation is exciting and can provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences. As a “pilot for a day” you’ll experience an enjoyable flight that may give you a new perspective on the world. The discovery flight will be conducted according to federal regulations. In addition, no aerobatic maneuvers will be performed.



About COPA
COPA is the hosting body of the COPA Discover Aviation events happening all across Canada. We represent nearly 15,000 pilots and 200+ chapters (known as COPA Flights) located in all 10 provinces and one territory. Our members are aviation enthusiasts of every age group, including many airline and commercial pilots, engineers, businesspeople – even astronauts. They enjoy all types of aircraft, including experimental machines, drones, fixed-wing aircraft, gliding planes, helicopters, and floatplanes.

About Magnes
The Magnes Group is a proud exclusive sponsor for the COPA Discover Aviation Program. They are a privately owned and operated Canadian company and offer insurance and risk management solutions in keeping with their clients’ financial goals. Service and responsiveness are core to their delivery and their independence ensures the autonomy to always act with the clients’ best interests in mind.

Who are the pilots?
The pilots participating in the COPA Discover Aviation Program are local members of COPA who are volunteering their time and aircraft to make your discovery flight possible. Each COPA Discover Aviation pilot is licensed by Transport Canada and all the aircraft utilized meet the regulatory requirements to safely fly you and your loved ones. Only current COPA members are covered under the Air Meet Insurance (non-COPA members who wish to participate in the event do so at their own risk and expense and COPA assumes no liability). Members of COPA Flights (proof of membership required) that hold a current COPA Corporate membership are covered under the COPA Air Meet Insurance.

Who can participate?
Anyone 8 years of age and old can become a pilot-for-the-day with COPA. We do require all participants to complete a consent waiver given to them by either the COPA Flight hosting the COPA Discover Aviation event or the COPA member providing the individual discovery flight.

How do I participate?
There are two ways to become a pilot-for-the-day with COPA:

  • Find a COPA Discover Aviation event and register for a discovery flight – check out our events calendar here

  • Find a current COPA member who will provide you a personal discovery flight

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