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05/23 Winter Closer

To: Airside Operators, KAL

From: Ethan Caljouw

Date: Wednesday, November 15th 2023

Subject: Runway 05/23 Closed for Winter

Please be advised that Runway 05/23 has officially closed for the winter season. As in

years prior, YKA’s cross-wind runway is closed through winter operations as the surface

is not maintained through winter weather events.

The closure of the surface began at Midnight on November 15th and is planned to

continue until Winter Operations is completed at Kamloops Airport and favorable

conditions can be forecast in spring of 2024.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kamloops Airport Administration.


Ethan Caljouw

Airport Operations Coordinator

Kamloops Airport Ltd.

OFFICE: 250.376.3613 ext.103

CELL: 250.377.5641

FAX: 250.376.3935

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