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About the COPA for Kids Aviation Program

The mission of the COPA for Kids Aviation Program is to provide a motivational aviation experience, focusing on an introductory flight in an aircraft. These flights are provided free of charge by the local chapters ('Flights') of Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) to any youth aged 8 to 17 inclusive wishing to become a Junior Aviator.


Participate as a Jr. Aviator 


COPA Flights and COPA members who wish to fly young people are invited to read the Guide to the COPA For Kids Aviation Program and see the brochure and certificate that is available for download.


Next Event

Due to COVID-19 future events will be on hold

How to Participate as a Junior Aviator:

● Register for the event by clicking the button below

● Tell all your friends (this is a first-registered-first-reserved event!)

● Read the instructions and FAQ information in your confirmation email

● Show up on event day - BE ON TIME! There is plenty of stuff to do, so come EARLY

● Sign in when you arrive at the airfield and have your parents SIGN THE WAIVER

● Follow all instructions given to you; you will be assigned to a Pilot and plane

● Attend the Ground School

● Be ready in the 'on deck' area before your flight

● Accompany the assigned ground-crew to board your aircraft



Download and read the COPA for Kids Aviation Waiver "Click Here"




or : for more information or to sign up as a volunteer.




All young aviators will be put through an introductory grounds school to give them a quick lesson in aviation, how they fly, and other factors.


After ground school, your group will be separated into smaller groups and assigned a pilot and aircraft.


They will then take to the skies for an exciting 20-25 minute experience like none other! 


Volunteers needed! If you would like to volunteer please let us know.





● Where do you go?

2845 Aviation Way at the Kamloops Flying Club Clubhouse

● Who can participate?

This program is designed for youth aged 8-17 inclusive. If the older kids are interested in aviation, we encourage you to visit one of the flying schools on the Kamloops Airport Field who offer Discovery Flights for a very reasonable cost.

● Where can I find official details from the COPA organization about the program?


You can visit the COPA for Kids website here - but please remember, to participate locally, you must use this registration form to register for the Kamloops program.

● What are the costs?

FREE - there are NO COSTS to participate in the COPA For KIDS event. A simple BBQ hosted by the Kamloops Flying Club will be available at a small additional cost.


● What time should I show up?

We have two sessions: 9 AM and 1 PM: 


-9 AM SESSION: please arrive promptly between 8:45-9:00 am. At approximately 9:30 am, your ground school will begin, and flying will commence at approximately 10 am.

-1 PM SESSION: Please arrive promptly between 12:45-1:00 pm. At approximately 1:30 pm your ground school will begin, and flying will commence approximately 2:00 pm.


● Do I need to fill out any registration forms before the event?

1) YES! - You MUST download, FILL OUT the official COPA for KIDS Registrations Form here:

2) PRINT OUT AND BRING IN WITH YOU! (You don't need to send to us though)

3) **PLEASE REFER TO #1- and ensure you have done this!

We MUST have this completed before your arrival so you can hand it to us on your event date!
● Is my EventBrite Confirmation Ticket all I need to bring with me?

No- you can print it out for your records, but you MUST also fill out the registration form above and bring it with you. Without our COPA FOR KIDS REGISTRATION FORM, we cannot allow your child to participate.

● Cancellation:

As space is limited, and we aim to allow as many kids to fly - if you have to cancel or cannot attend, please let us know at your earliest convenience by email:

● Weather: 

We want your young aviator to have a great experience! As weather is as unpredictable as the forecasts, we will not know the status of your flight until the morning of the event or the day before. Unless you have directly heard otherwise from us, please plan to attend rain or shine. If the weather is extremely windy or non-conducive to a pleasant flight we may re-schedule your flight. Our rain date is the following day - same time, same place.


● What to Bring:

Make sure you bring a camera to document this exciting day! Some water and a light snack might be advisable. We will have a hot dog BBQ Lunch available for purchase an after flight meal. If sunny, a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. We have a nice big deck available, so you are welcome to bring chairs, and we also have a big grassy area in front of the clubhouse - so a blanket is fine too.


● Motion Sickness:

Even though flying in small aircraft is generally a very fun and pleasant experience, some people may experience motion sickness. Please advise us if your child is susceptible to motion sickness. Gravol or other anti-nausea medication may be suggested. We recommend a very light breakfast or lunch before their exciting event.


● How do I contact the Kamloops Flying Club?

General Email:

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